Possibilities of mechanical equipment

1) Possibilities of mechanical equipment

- turning on a carousel machine parts with a diameter of up to 8 meters, a height of up to 5 meters and weighing up to 50 tons;

- turning parts with a diameter of up to 3.4 meters, length up to 12.5 meters and weighing up to 50 tons;

- manufacture of cylindrical gears with a diameter of up to 5 meters, maximum module 36;

- cutting of bevel gears, including helical gears, maximum module 25;

- cutting a circular tooth (module from 3 to 12)

- grinding of gears up to 900 millimeters in diameter and 800 millimeters in length, module from 2 to 16;

Welding and Fabrication

- In-shop fabrication of structures up to 50 tons in weight

- Bending of sheet metal up to 110 mm thick and 3015 mm wide

- Automatic welding of beams up to 15 meters long, cylindrical and conical shells up to 6 meters in diameter and up to 8 meters in length

- Mechanized welding in protective gases and manual electric arc welding

- Heat treatment of welds with sheet thickness up to 60mm

- Thermal machine cutting of sheet metal up to 16 meters in length and up to 250 mm thick


- Hardening via heat treatment of parts up to 3 meters in length and weighing up to 900 kg

- Hardening of cog wheels via high-frequency currents 3-16 meters in diameter

- Annealing of parts up to 10 meters in length

- Carburizing of parts up to 700mm in diameter and up to 1100mm in length

Deep drilling

- Drilling precision bores up to 4 meters up to 1.5 meters in diameter

Custom manufacturing

- Custom manufacturing of specific parts per technical documentation and drawings supplied by customer

Our company offers a full range of custom metal fabrication, machining, casting, forging, and related services.  We can assist our clients in developing technological specs /drawings or perform services per third-party specs / drawings.  Our modern production facilities offer a broad range of high-preciion, large scale capabilities and are located in the industrial heart of Ukraine – city of Dnieper.