Our company offers a full range of services in various types processing of metal products, steel and cast iron parts and workpieces – from development necessary documentation for machining before manufacturing of parts according to drawings:

  • Lathe works;
  • Milling works;
  • Tooth-cutting works;
  • Locksmith works;
  • Coordinate-boring works;The
  • Thermal treatment (normalization, annealing and quenching).

The cost of machining services for parts and workpieces is determined individually with taking into account the complexity and quantity of the order.


  • Turning of parts with diameter up to 8 m, height up to 5 m and weight up to 50 tons;
  • Turning of the part with diameter up to 3.4 m, length up to 12.5 m and weight up to 50 t;
  • Manufacture of cylindrical gears with diameter up to 5 m, maximum module 36;
  • Cutting of bevel gears, including bevel gears, maximum module 25;
  • Circular tooth cutting (module from 3 to 12)
  • Grinding of gear wheels with diameter up to 900 mm and length up to 800 mm, module from 2 to 16;


  • Heat treatment (improvement, quenching) of parts with length up to 3 m and weight up to 900 kg;
  • Annealing, parts tempering with length up to 10 m;
  • Cementation of parts with diameter up to 700 mm and length up to 1100 mm;
  • Quenching of HF gears with diameter from 300 to 1600mm, module from 12 in


  • Hole depth up to 4m with accuracy according to the 17th admission, maximum diameter 150mm

Note: the possibilities of manufacturing a particular part will be decided if technical documentation (drawing, manufacturing specifications).


Maximum weight of steel structure manufactured directly in the shop – up to 50 t bending sheet 110 mm thick and 2500 mm wide/90mm thick and 3015mm wide automatic welding under flux layer (beams up to 15m), cylindrical and conical shells with diameter up to 6m and length up to 8m mechanical welding in the environment of protective gases and manual electric arc heat treatment of welds with sheet thickness up to 60 mm  sheet cutting on thermal cutting machines up to 16 m long and up to 250 mm thick