Our company specializes  in the production and supply of large castings:

  • Steel casting (WEIGHT UP TO 48 TONS) GOST 977-88
  • Cast iron casting (CASTING WEIGHT UP TO 30 TONS) GOST 26358-84

The following grades of steel are used to make castings:

  • constructional not alloyed became – 20L, 25L, 30L, 35L, 45L;
  • Structural alloy steel – 20ГЛ, 45ФЛ, 35ХМЛ, 35ХМФЛ;
  • Alloyed steel with special properties – Х12МЛ, 15ОСГНМЛ, 35Х23Н7СЛ,
  • 20H25N19S2L, 6H12NZDL, 10H12NDL, 70HL, 27HN2MFL.
  • Stainless, heat resistant and heat resistant steels, etc.

Grades (SCh, HX, HF, ACS, etc.) are used to make cast iron castings.